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V. Ophelia Rigault is a highly accomplished professional with a Master's degree in Education specializing in Educational Leadership. With over 15 years of experience in the field of equity, diversity, and inclusion, she is a sought-after Speaker and Trainer. Ophelia is also the owner of Real Talk Solutions, a company dedicated to providing training in equity and diversity to inclusive leaders and organizations.

Passionate about creating communities of belonging, Ophelia is committed to partnering with inclusive leaders and organizations to foster equitable and inclusive work cultures and communities. Through her engaging keynote speeches, impactful training sessions, community-building initiatives, and media appearances, she actively promotes inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.

Having personally experienced exclusion based on gender and race, Ophelia brings a deep understanding and empathy to her work. Drawing on her extensive background as a business consultant, entrepreneur, educator, and mindset coach spanning over 20 years, she possesses a unique ability to engage diverse groups of people across various sectors.

Ophelia's expertise lies in facilitating difficult conversations about race, gender, privilege, mental health awareness, and equity. She empowers HR managers, business owners, and community leaders to develop their equity-building skills and create spaces where everyone feels a genuine sense of belonging.

Approaching her work with empathy, compassion, and encouragement, Ophelia is dedicated to forging a brighter, more inclusive future for all.



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Prevention Magazine Contributor
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Bachelor Of Arts - Specializing In Psychology
Master of Education In Leadership - Current
Certified Grief Service Provider
Licensed, Specialty-Certified New Life Story & Wellness Coach