I help inclusive leaders and organizations to build communities of belonging.


“The importance of compassion and empathy in leadership (is important and at times) these skills are overlooked.”

Sharon Wang University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management


Watch Ophelia speak on how to bring more equity to your organization and communities.

“Ophelia is an authentic leader, who shares lessons to help others find their authentic leadership path”

Chantal Fraser – Empowered Path Inc.


I'm passionate about working alongside resilient and authentic leaders to create equitable and inclusive work cultures. I know what it feels like to be excluded and left out due to my gender and race. That is why inclusion, diversity, equity, and access are at the heart of my focus.

In our post-pandemic era, HR managers, business owners and community leaders need to increase their resiliency literacy skills and find ways to create workplaces and communities that offer sustainable and equitable solutions.

Watch the video below to learn more about my leadership style and approach to working with businesses, teams, and community groups.

Watch Ophelia speak about creating communities of belonging.

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